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More than just another literary agency in the business of selling books to publishers, we approach literary content with a fresh, 21st Century point of view.  We look at writers as more than authors, books as more than paper and ink, content as more than books. 

It is our firm belief that in order to have tomorrow's business, the work of today's agencies cannot be done using yesterday's methods.  Employing the latest technologies, flexible techniques, and creative strategies, we are continually moving forward - and in an industry ripe with change, that sets us apart.

We are a discreet agency which has worked quietly for many years, in the U.S. and internationally, offering highly-personalized service to an exclusive group of exceptional writers.   As well as providing editorial guidance, we have worked closely with our clients on design of their careers, series development, branding, marketing, promotion, web and social media presence.  We have sold their works for hardcover, trade paper, and mass market paperback editions, as well as digital, film, audio, reprint, gaming, and foreign rights.  Outlets have included academic presses, genre presses, regional houses, content providers, educational testing services, as well as the traditional, advance-paying publishers, such as Career Press, John Wiley & Sons, Praeger, Gale, and AMACOM Books.

Yes, we're unique, and proud of it.

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The August Agency LLC
                where we think outside the book
The August Agency LLC
   where we think outside the book
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The August Agency LLC
literary agents since 2001
"What did the tree learn from the earth to be able to talk to the sky?"
~ Pablo Neruda
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