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As literary professionals with decades of experience, we have always held to the belief that we would maintain the highest standards in business, in relationships, and in the work we represent.  So when it came to selecting a name, August seemed fitting because of any national literature the Augustan age is considered the period of its utmost excellence and refinement. 

The expression originated with the reign of Augustus Caesar, who fostered the golden age of Roman literature.  Since then the name has been ascribed to subsequent eras of great prosperity in artistic writing, including the reign of Louis XIV, known as the Augustan age of French literature, and that of Queen Anne, widely regarded as the Augustan age of English literature.

The August Agency is founded on many of the same principles Augustus set in place to facilitate a stimulating venue where distinguished writers could flourish.  As writers ourselves we wanted our clients to have more than just a salesman for their book - because we firmly believe we should be, among other things, an author's ultimate advocate, anchor, arbitrator, and advisor.  Keeping those goals in mind, we operate as a team, bringing the best talents of each agent and the amalgamation of our assets to work on behalf of every client.
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Cricket Freeman, principal agent

With the new millenium, in 2001 Cricket shifted her literary endeavors to representation, and founded The Christina Pechstein Agency, later changing the name to The August Agency LLC.  
Cricket's full bio here.
Jeffery McGraw, consultant

Jeffery joined The August Agency in 2004 to direct the New York operations of the agency, bringing a wide range of leadership experience in television and publishing, with a concentrated background in editorial, legal, publicity, advertising and promotion, and feature reporting, and then in 2012 stepped back to a consulting position.  He has worked for media companies large and small, including Soap Opera Weekly, HarperCollins, Abrams, Leisure Publishing, AMC Networks, Discovery Channel, and A&E Television Networks, including A&E Network, History, The Biography Channel, Crime & Investigation Network, and Lifetime.  Throughout his career Jeffery has had the privilege to work with many different types of books - from exquisite art and illustrated coffee table tomes to New York Times bestselling fiction and nonfiction - and an equally diverse roster of remarkable authors and artists - among them Nancy Bartholomew, Elizabeth Berg, Cathy East Dubowski, Patricia Gaffney, Olivia Goldsmith, Andy Goldsworthy, Al Hirschfeld, Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, Bill O'Reilly, Joanne Pence, Betty Rollin, Ben Schonzeit, and Hunt Slonem.  
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