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We are a discreet agency which has worked quietly for many years, in the U.S. and internationally, offering highly-personalized service to an exclusive group of exceptional writers. As well as providing editorial guidance, we have worked closely with our clients on design of their careers, series development, namebranding, marketing, promotion, web and social media presence. 

We have sold works for hardcover, trade paper, and mass market paperback editions, as well as digital, film, audio, reprint, gaming, and foreign rights. Outlets have included academic presses, genre presses, regional houses, content providers, educational testing services, as well as the traditional, advance-paying publishers, such as Career Press, John Wiley & Sons, Harvard Business Press, Gale, F&W Media, Praeger, AMACOM Books, Alyson Publishing, Clark-Nova Books, and Writer's Digest Books.

We hold to the belief that we maintain the highest standards in business operations, in relationships, and in the work we represent.  So when it came to selecting a name, August seemed a natural fit.  Augustus Caesar fostered the golden age of Roman literature, the first era dubbed the Augustan Age of Literature.  Since then subsequent eras of great prosperity in artistic writing included the reign of Louis XIV, the Augustan Age of French literature, and that of Queen Anne, the Augustan age of English literature.

As writers ourselves we want our authors to have more than just a salesman for their book; we firmly believe we should be, among other things, an author's ultimate advocate, anchor, arbitrator, and advisor.  Keeping those goals in mind, we operate as a team, bringing the sum of our talents to work on behalf of every August author.
about The August Agency LLC

In 2004 Cricket opened a New York City branch office with former editor Jeffery McGraw and his strong experience in publishing and television: Abrams, HarperCollins, Soap Opera Weekly, Leisure Publishing, HarperEntertainment, AMC Networks, Discovery Channel, A&E Network, History, The Biography Channel, Crime & Investigation Network, and Lifetime.  As an editor he worked on fiction and nonfiction, coffee table books to New York Times bestsellers from: Nancy Bartholomew, Elizabeth Berg, Cathy East Dubowski, Patricia Gaffney, Olivia Goldsmith, Bill O'Reilly, Andy Goldsworthy, Al Hirschfeld, Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, Joanne Pence, Betty Rollin, Ben Schonzeit, and Hunt Slonem.  Jeffery left the August Agency in 2012.

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Founder & diva-in-charge
Cricket Freeman
After working many years in publishing as a writer, editor, and book designer, Cricket shifted her literary endeavors to representation in 2001, founding her own agency, The Christina Pechstein Agency.  As times changed, company structure modified, and her name changed as well, she updated the name of her company to The August Agency LLC. 
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